About Me

Hi, I’m Joe. Most people who know me, call me @webjoe.

But if we haven’t met yet, thanks for finding me here on the interwebz! I’m super glad that you took the time to look me up. I have the greatest job in the world, and that’s helping startups and companies get more customers and clients through online marketing.

I live in Los Angeles with my beautiful wife and two daughters. We also consider our cockapoo Pluto our second child and spoil him rotten!

Someone wise once told me that you don’t really learn unless you teach! Through my experience and here on this blog, I will share with you the ideas, concepts, and tools I use ever day.  Occasionally, I may sprinkle in some posts about food, gadgets and other nerdy things.

Feel free to contact me or follow me on various social networks.  I also answer occasional questions on Quora.